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<a href=""> <img alt="pypi" src=""/> </a> <a href=""> <img alt="python" src=""/> </a> <a href=""> <img alt="travis-ci" src=""/> </a> # Akita <p align="center"> <img alt="Demo" src="resources/demo.gif"/> </p> *Akita* is a local HTTP log monitoring tool that runs in your terminal. With Akita, you can view a summary of you webserver's activity in real-time. All server access logs that use the [Common Log Format]( are supported, including Apache and Nginx. *Akita* is also a breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. The Akita is courageous, a natural guardian of his family. Stubborn and willful, he won't back down from a challenge. [<sup>[0]</sup>]( <p align="center"> <img alt="Akita" src="resources/akita_1.jpg" width="667px"/> </p> ## Installation Akita is available on [PyPI]( and can be installed using pip: ```bash # Requires python 3! $ pip install akita ``` Alternatively, you can clone the repository and run the code directly: ```bash $ git clone $ cd Akita $ python -m akita ``` ## Usage Launch Akita by pointing it at the server access log file that you want to monitor: ```bash $ akita /var/log/apache/access.log ``` You can also provide a stream via a unix pipe: ```bash $ tail -n 1 -f /var/log/apache/access.log | akita - ``` If you want to try running Akita but you don't have a webserver to point it to, you can use the [apache-loggen]( command line tool to generate fake log data. ```bash $ gem install apache-loggen $ apache-loggen --rate=10 | akita - ``` ## Options ```bash $ akita --help usage: akita [--help] [--version] FILE / \ _-' _/| \-''- _ / __-' { | \ / \ / "o. |o } Akita - Terminal HTTP Log Monitoring | \ ; ', \_ __\ ''-_ \.// / '-____' / _' _-' positional arguments: FILE A log file to watch, use "-" to pipe from stdin optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit --alert-threshold ALERT_THRESHOLD High traffic alert threshold, requests/second --alert-window ALERT_WINDOW High traffic alert window, in seconds -V, --version show program's version number and exit ``` ## Testing This repository is continuously tested on [TravisCI](, but you can also run the test suite locally: ```bash $ git clone $ cd Akita $ pip install .[test] # Installs pytest $ env PYTHONPATH=. py.test -v ``` ## License This project is distributed under the [MIT](LICENSE) license.