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<h1 align="center">Jetforce</h1> <p align="center">An experimental python server for the new, under development Gemini Protocol.</p> <p align="center">Learn more about Project Gemini from its designer, ~solderpunk, <a href="">here</a>.</p> <p align="center"><img alt="rocket launch" src="resources/rocket.jpg"/></p> <p align="center"> <a href=""> <img alt="pypi" src=""/> </a> <a href=""> <img alt="GitHub" src=""> </a> <a href=""> <img alt="Code style: black" src=""> </a> <a href=""> <img alt="say-thanks" src="!-1EAEDB.svg"/> </a> </p> ## Features - A modern python 3 codebase with type hinting and black formatting. - Lightweight, single-file web framework with zero dependencies. - A built-in static file server with support for *.gemini* directory map files. - Supports concurrent connections using an asynchronous event loop. - Extendable - loosely implements the [WSGI]( server/application pattern. ## Demo A live demonstration of the Jetforce server is available on gemini at the following URL: --- <p align="center"> <b><a href="gemini://">gemini://</a></b><br> </p> --- ## Installation Requires Python 3.7+ and OpenSSL ### pip ```bash $ pip install jetforce ``` ### git ```bash $ git clone $ cd jetforce $ python ``` ## TODO - Finish documentation :)