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====================== Reddit Terminal Viewer ====================== .. image:: :target: :alt: Latest Version **Reddit Terminal Viewer (RTV)** is a lightweight browser for Reddit ( built into a terminal window. RTV is built in Python and utilizes the **curses** library. It is compatible with a large range of terminal emulators on Linux and OSX systems. .. image:: ------------ Installation ------------ The recommended installation method is pip. .. code-block:: bash $ sudo pip install --pre rtv Alternatively, clone the repo and install with python. .. code-block:: bash $ git clone $ cd rtv $ sudo python install As part of the installation, an executable script will be placed in your system path. .. code-block:: bash $ rtv $ rtv --help ----- Usage ----- RTV currently supports browsing both subreddits and individual submissions. In each mode the controls are slightly different. **Global Commands** :``Arrow Keys`` or ``hjkl``: RTV supports both the arrow keys and vim bindings for navigation. Move up and down to scroll through items on the page. :``r`` or ``F5``: Refresh the current page. :``q``: Quit the program. :``o``: Open the url of the selected item in the default web browser. **Subreddit Mode** In subreddit mode you can browse through the top submissions on either the front page or a specific subreddit. :``Right`` or ``Enter``: Open the currently selected submission in a new page. :``/``: Open a prompt to switch to a different subreddit. For example, pressing ``/`` and typing *python* will open */r/python*. You can return to Reddit's front page by using the alias */r/front*. **Submission Mode** In submission mode you can view the self text for a submission and browse comments. :``Right`` or ``Enter``: Toggle the currently selected comment between hidden and visible. Alternatively, load additional comments identified by *[+] more comments*. :``Left``: Exit the submission page and return to the subreddit.