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.. image:: :target: :alt: Latest Version .. image:: :target: :alt: Supported Python versions ====================== Reddit Terminal Viewer ====================== Browse Reddit from your terminal .. image:: RTV is built in **python** using the **curses** library, and is compatible with *most* terminal emulators on Linux and OS X. ------------- Update (v1.1) ------------- Users can now post comments! .. image:: ------------ Installation ------------ Install using pip .. code-block:: bash $ sudo pip install rtv Or clone the repository .. code-block:: bash $ git clone $ cd rtv $ sudo python install The installation will place a script in the system path .. code-block:: bash $ rtv $ rtv --help ----- Usage ----- RTV currently supports browsing both subreddits and individual submissions. In each mode the controls are slightly different. **Global Commands** :``▲``/``▼`` or ``j``/``k``: Scroll to the prev/next item :``a``/``z``: Upvote/downvote the selected item :``ENTER`` or ``o``: Open the selected item in the default web browser :``r``: Refresh the current page :``u``: Login and logout of your user account :``?``: Show the help screen :``q``: Quit **Subreddit Mode** In subreddit mode you can browse through the top submissions on either the front page or a specific subreddit. :``►`` or ``l``: View comments for the selected submission :``/``: Open a prompt to switch subreddits :``f``: Open a prompt to search the current subreddit :``p``: Post a new submission to the current subreddit The ``/`` prompt accepts subreddits in the following formats * ``/r/python`` * ``/r/python/new`` * ``/r/python+linux`` supports multireddits * ``/r/front`` will redirect to the front page * ``/r/me`` will display your submissions **Submission Mode** In submission mode you can view the self text for a submission and browse comments. :``◄`` or ``h``: Return to subreddit mode :``►`` or ``l``: Fold the selected comment, or load additional comments :``c``: Post a new comment on the selected item ------------- Configuration ------------- RTV will read a configuration file located at ``$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/rtv/rtv.cfg`` or ``~/.config/rtv/rtv.cfg`` if ``$XDG_CONFIG_HOME`` is not set. This can be used to avoid having to re-enter login credentials every time the program is launched. Each line in the file will replace the corresponding default argument in the launch script. Example config: .. code-block:: ini [rtv] username=MyUsername password=MySecretPassword # Log file location log=/tmp/rtv.log # Default subreddit subreddit=CollegeBasketball # Default submission link - will be opened every time the program starts # link= # Enable unicode characters (experimental) # This is known to be unstable with east asian wide character sets # unicode=true RTV allows users to compose comments and replys using their preferred text editor (**vi**, **nano**, **gedit**, etc). Set the environment variable ``RTV_EDITOR`` to specify which editor the program should use. .. code-block:: bash $ export RTV_EDITOR=gedit