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=========================== RTV: Reddit Terminal Viewer =========================== | RTV allows you to view and interact with reddit from your terminal. | It's compatible with *most* terminal emulators on Linux and OSX. .. image:: `DEMO <>`_ RTV is built in **python** using the **curses** library. --------------- |pypi| |python| |travis-ci| |coveralls| |gitter| --------------- * `Installation`_ * `Usage`_ * `Settings`_ * `FAQ`_ * `Changelog`_ * `License`_ ============ Installation ============ Install using pip... .. code-block:: bash $ pip install rtv or clone the repository. .. code-block:: bash $ git clone $ cd rtv $ python3 install ===== Usage ===== To run the program, type .. code-block:: bash $ rtv --help -------- Controls -------- Move the cursor using either the arrow keys or *Vim* style movement - Press **up** and **down** to scroll through submissions. - Press **right** to view the selected submission and **left** to return. - Press **?** to open the help screen. See `CONTROLS.rst <>`_ for the complete list of available commands. -------------- Authentication -------------- RTV enables you to login to your reddit account in order to perform actions like voting and leave comments. The login process uses OAuth [#]_ and follows these steps: 1. Initiate a login by pressing the ``u`` key. 2. Open a new webpage where reddit will ask you to authorize the application. 3. Click **Accept**. RTV will retrieve an auth token with your information and store it locally in ``{HOME}/.config/rtv/refresh-token``. You can disable storing the token by setting ``persistent=False`` in the config. Note that RTV no longer allows you to input your username/password directly. This method of cookie based authentication has been deprecated by reddit [#]_. .. [#] `<>`_ .. [#] `<>`_ ======== Settings ======== ------------- Configuration ------------- Configuration settings are stored in ``{HOME}/.config/rtv/rtv.cfg``. Auto-generate the config file by running .. code-block:: bash $ rtv --copy-config See the `default config <>`_ for the full list of settings. ------ Editor ------ You can compose posts and reply to comments using your preferred text editor. Set the editor by changing ``$RTV_EDITOR`` in your environment. .. code-block:: bash $ export RTV_EDITOR=gedit If not specified, the default system ``$EDITOR`` (or *nano*) will be used. ----------- Web Browser ----------- You can open submission links using your web browser. On most systems the default web browser will open in a new window. If you prefer the complete terminal experience, set ``$BROWSER`` to a console-based web browser. .. code-block:: bash $ export BROWSER=w3m `w3m <>`_, `lynx <>`_, and `elinks <>`_ are all good choices. === FAQ === Why am I getting an error during installation/when launching rtv? If your distro ships with an older version of python 2.7 or python-requests, you may experience SSL errors or other package incompatibilities. The easiest way to fix this is to install rtv using python 3. If you don't already have pip3, see for setup instructions. Then do .. code-block:: bash $ sudo pip uninstall rtv $ sudo pip3 install -U rtv How do I run the repository code directly? This project is structured to be run as a python *module*. This means that in order to resolve imports you need to launch using python's ``-m`` flag. This method works for all versions of python. See the example below, which assumes that you have cloned the repository into the directory **~/rtv_project**. .. code-block:: bash $ cd ~/rtv_project $ python3 -m rtv ========= Changelog ========= Please see `CHANGELOG.rst <>`_. ======= License ======= This project is distributed under the `MIT <>`_ license. .. |python| image:: :target: :alt: Supported Python versions .. |pypi| image:: :target: :alt: Latest Version .. |travis-ci| image:: :target: :alt: Build .. |coveralls| image:: :target: :alt: Coverage .. |gitter| image:: :target: :alt: Chat